Procurement vs Finance: Benefits of Collaboration

By |2017|

The business value created by the procurement team is often disputed by other verticals within the organization. Significant among such perception gaps is the one that involves procurement and finance teams where the level of friction, resistance and lack of synergy is high. However, such friction normally takes place in […]

Is Your Team Coordinating Too Much, or Not Enough?

By |2017|

Effective teams don’t just happen — you design them. And two of the most important elements of that design are a.) the degree to which team members are interdependent — where they need to rely on each other to accomplish the team task, and b.) how you’ll actually coordinate that interdependence.

This issue […]

Why Remote Work Thrives in Some Companies and Fails in Others

By |2017|

Since people began telecommuting decades ago, companies have been excited about the prospects to increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain access to a much larger talent pool.

But has remote work lived up to the hype? In some organizations, yes. Automattic (the creator of WordPress) and the U.S. government are two […]