How to Deal with a Chronically Indecisive Boss

By |2017|

Managers who can’t seem to pick a course of action — or who constantly change their minds – can be maddening. You’re left spinning your wheels, or abruptly switching directions, and your team’s credibility across the organization is likely to suffer. So how can you help a wishy-washy boss make […]

The Talisman of Leadership – Authenticity

By |2017|

Some time ago, I heard a young woman say, “I am enough.” I was struck and intrigued by the expression, and so I set out to research it. It originated with Carl Rogers, the psychotherapist, who was asked how he did what he did, so successfully. His response was, “Before […]

Reclaim Your Job

By |2016|

Ask most managers what gets in the way of success at work, and you hear the familiar litany of complaints: Not enough time. Shrinking resources. Lack of opportunity. When you look more closely, you begin to see that these are, for the most part, excuses. What gets in the way […]

How Does Warren Buffett Run His Companies

By |2015|

Warren Buffett is rightfully admired for his investment record as chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, which has outperformed the S&P 500 Index by more than 10% annually during his 50-year tenure.
Much less attention is paid, however, to the manner in which Buffett manages the company itself. This is somewhat […]

It’s Difficult Not To Bite Back – How To Keep Composure

By |2015|

Say that a colleague who you’ve had some difficulties with launches a snippy comment at you in the middle of a meeting. It may have been a subtle slight — not an out-and-out tirade — but in an insular environment like an office (or in an even more insular environment, like […]

7 Best Ways Of Expressing Gratitude

By |2015|

Expressing gratitude to others takes a certain kind of noticing. And getting from an intellectual agreement about the merits of gratitude to daily practice is no easy feat.
Andy Mills, former chairman on Thomson Financial, and a mentor of mine, keeps a “gift notebook” in which he writes down little observations […]

Decoding Employee Engagement

By |2015|

Each year, companies are spending nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars in an effort to improve employee engagement — yet you’ll get wildly inconsistent answers if you ask managers what that means. Academics, consultants, and leaders have been grappling with that question for decades. Their working definitions range from the simple […]

What Real Estate Brokers Can Learn From Steve Jobs

By |2015|

The relevance of Steve Jobs story becomes even greater when one realizes that much of his success occurred in a business environment not that much different than the one that real estate brokers find themselves in today. A couple of cautionary comments are in order. The purpose of this article […]

Great Leaders Are Not Perfect

By |2015|

It’s not unusual for executives enter a new job with deep-seated feelings of being an impostor. Our research studying thousands of leaders rising into bigger jobs revealed 69% feel underprepared for roles they assume. Forty-five percent had minimal understanding of the challenges they would face, and 76% said their organizations were not […]

Most Successful People Do These 8 Things In the Morning

By |2015|

Science has proved that willpower is highest in the morning and depletes as the day passes. The day begins with the morning, and how well you utilize your morning decides how well you utilize your day. The morning habits of successful people vary, but a few common and helpful practices […]

What Can You Do To Build Trust

By |2015|

The basis of every relationship, whether personal or professional, is trust—nothing meaningful in this life can be achieved without it. The foundation of trust is open, bi-directional communication. Trust takes time, dedication and intention to build, sometimes only to be carelessly violated and lost in moments. While there are many ways trust […]

10 Best Quotes Used By Steve Jobs In Presentations

By |2015|

There was only one Steve Jobs, and it’s easy to see why we’re so fascinated with him. A visionary who made products that changed how we use technology; a college dropout who studied coding and calligraphy for fun; a wisdom seeker who spent months wandering India barefoot in a sarong. […]