Procurement: An indispensable strategic business function in Facility Management.

By |2016|

Today, Procurement is recognized as an indispensable strategic business function. The increasing share of material costs and purchased services in the Profit & Loss accounts of major global organizations highlights its growing significance, given the express need of such companies to align Procurement objectives with their overall organizational goals.

Procurement, a […]

Project And It’s Impact On Sourcing Success

By |2015|

The last three of our nine major barriers to success fall under the project umbrella. Though bad data is generic to all business processes, it has drastic consequences on the sourcing process.

Meaningful Spend

From a project perspective, having a spend, that is not meaningful means that the supply base is not […]

Importance of Teams in Sourcing Success

By |2015|

Sourcing is not an easy game and at the same time, managing teams was never easy. Three of our nine barriers to successful sourcing can be related to the team dynamics, they are:


If the team (and / or organization) is resistant to change, it will not embrace today’s efficiency-producing […]

Leadership Challenges In Sourcing

By |2015|

Of the nine major barriers to success in sourcing, three of them are tied to leadership. For sourcing to be successful, it requires a senior executive champion and support at the CEO level. A seasoned executive should manage sourcing daily with deep sourcing experience and strong communication skills. Following are […]