Leadership Challenges

Great Leaders Are Not Perfect

By |2015|

It’s not unusual for executives enter a new job with deep-seated feelings of being an impostor. Our research studying thousands of leaders rising into bigger jobs revealed 69% feel underprepared for roles they assume. Forty-five percent had minimal understanding of the challenges they would face, and 76% said their organizations were not […]

Leadership Lessons From Guy Kawasaki

By |2015|

To be honest,most of the leadership gospel is hard to follow. Like “Always be innovating.” Okay, awesome—until you get “idea block.” Or “Do all that you can, and then do a little more.” That’s why I love these leadership lessons from Guy Kawasaki. They’re realistic and actionable, but still powerful. […]

Is Your Door Really Always Open?

By |2015|

Nearly every boss has said it. And just about every employee has heard it. Yet it’s one of the most meaningless lines ever spoken in the office:

“My door is always open.”

The statement usually is followed up with some version of, “If you ever have an issue with anything, please come […]